Enjoy great food from local caterers and food trucks, listen to live music as you discover local artists, and try your hand at making glass art. Every Third Friday between 6 – 10pm, watch glassblowing & beadmaking demonstrations, sign up for a guided glass activity, check out new exhibits in the East Gallery, and shop for glass art created by Third Degree glass artists. ENTRY TO OUR THIRD FRIDAYS IS FREE!

***We lock our doors from 4-6p on Third Fridays to prep for the big event!***

Make your own glass art creation! Sign–ups begin at 6pm at the Education Table. All activity slots are filled on a first-come, first serve basis. Completed glass art projects will be available for pick up the following Wednesday.

Cute as a bug! Fused bugs. $25, any age.
Paperweight $35, age 10 and up. 1-on-1 sessions limited.
Glass beads $35, age 10 and up. 30-min private sessions are limited.
Glass tile $25, any age.
Fused glass pendant or earrings $25 or the set for $35. Night Light $35, any age. Other unique projects may be available from month to month.
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Upcoming Third Friday: September 18

Fall is upon us! As we creep into cooler weather, the artists at Third Degree are busily crafting pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors for this year’s Fall Harvest! Glass pumpkins are a dazzling addition to any autumn decor, and they don’t rot!

Come pick up a pumpkin or two, check out our glass artists working with 2000ºF glass, including September’s special guest demonstration artist, “Typewriter Tim” Tim Jordan!

  • Mouth-watering South American cuisine by Yemanja Brazil!
  • Exciting guided glass art activities: Work in our studios to make your own paperweight, flameworked glass beads, fused glass jewelry or nightlight.
  • East Gallery presents its new installation: “Gray Matters” by Art Fiber St. Louis. Part of Innovations in Textiles 10, this city-wide exhibit investigates contemporary fiber art, featuring work by Drew Donnelly Benage, Laura Suanders Kaiser, Deb Lewis, Carol Newmann & Pat Owoc. Curated & hosted by Craft Alliance. Exhibit closes Wednesday, October 14.
  • 8:00p: New to Third Friday! Enjoy an eclectic performance of classic hits by Between Two Furnaces!
  • Sunset fire spinning by St. Louis Fire Technicians.



Opening Exhibit

"Beloved Objects" by Jeffrey Sass
"I am a life-long photographer. Some of my earliest memories involve a camera in my hand. My work is based in traditional and historic photography. I feel very strongly that film and darkroom techniques are art forms that need to be preserved. To create my images I use antique and vintage cameras as well as ones that I have created. Each image is one of a kind because the film and photographic papers used are many years past their shelf life and often yield interesting and unpredictable results. Materials of this sort are often discontinued or not manufactured for decades.
"The past shapes my view of the present. I find my images in iconic things of yesterday and try to re-imagine them for a contemporary audience. As an artist that uses photography as a primary means of expression, I believe that the historical processes are even more significant to contemporary art than they were years ago. Today they are aesthetic choices, the means to an end. I want my current work to redefine what is considered a photographic image and how the viewer engages with a photograph."
One word: Pumpkins That’s right! We’re easing into Fall, which means it’s pumpkin season! Every year, our independent glass artists produce hundreds of pumpkins and gourds of all shapes, sizes and colors! Each pumpkin is handmade one by one, so you’re guarantee Read More →
Every month, Third Degree proudly presents the work of a St. Louis area 2-D artist. This month, we are featuring “Beloved Objects,” a collection of manipulated photographs by Jeffrey Sass. “Beloved Objects” focuses on objects of exceptional design that because Read More →